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Buffalo Wild Wings - Vlad Edelman

May 18, 2017

 Buffalo Wild Wings

This episode we talk to Vlad Edelman, CEO of HEROFI Website, who won a Gold medal Apex Award in the Food & Beverages category at DSE 2017 for their work with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Although Buffalo Wild Wings is the largest sports bar chain in the world, operating over 1,200 restaurants, they were facing some challenges relating to identity, uniqueness and differentiating themselves in their communities.

They worked with HEROFI to create BDUBS-TV, a private network that features user generated content broadcast to assigned stores based on location via the Hometown Highlights program.

BDUBS-TV also has a broad range of locally targeted content, events and micro-streaming that expand the depth of relevant programming.
They combine all this content with some extra data visualizations, original programming, and carefully curated licensed media.

I spoke with Vlad on the floor of DSE about engaging customers via digital signage and why good content may be all about 'rules'.

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