2 Queen St. - Laurence Roberts

April 6, 2017

 2 Queen St. East

If you like ambient content that is generated by data, then the lobby of 2 Queen St. East in Toronto is your kind of place.

The original 1910 bank branch facade is backed with the conveniences of a modern office and unique lobby content that builds on the notion of past and present.

Forge Media created the digital art installation entitled “Passage of Light” which combines constantly-shifting generative art, and the requisite tenant branding and event information, all displayed on two 12-foot-tall columns.

Created using Unity, the 3D gaming engine, the content is never the same twice because isn't video, it's actually being created live.

One really subtle aspect is a colour matching element outside the building that connects those passing with what's happening inside.

I spoke with Laurence Roberts, partner of Forge Media, about how the project came together and how they turned windspeed at the airport into content downtown.

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