Cosmopolitan Hotel - Katrina Crawford & Mark Bashore

January 19, 2017


Cosmopolitian Hotel Lobby 
The lobby of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, in Las Vegas, is dominated by its eight columns covered in 384 screens, which appear even larger due to the reflective floors and mirrored ceilings. It is one of the most beautiful digital signage spaces around.

The best part is the content doesn’t sell a thing, other than brand experience. Its artistic, often ambient, content is custom designed for the space. This provides a great User Experience but just as compelling for the hotel it creates User Presence with guests taking their faces out of their phones and realizing they have entered a hotel unlike any in the world.

Katrina Crawford and Mark Bashore are partners in life and work. They've been involved in the creation of content for the Cosmopolitan Hotel since it's inception, while working for Digital Kitchen. Now on their own, as co-owners of Plains of Yonder, their latest commission combines a mixture of physical, traditional elements and animations and can be viewed here.

I spoke with them, via Skype, about the early days getting the installation up and running, their latest installation, as well as their thoughts on content creation for digital signage in general


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