Jacksonville International Airport - Collen Hamilton & Steven Shultz

March 24, 2017

 Jacksonville Internation Airport

This episode of Projects is about The Jacksonville International Airport, in northern Florida, which serves 5.5 million passengers a year.

While their digital overhaul isn't as "spectacular" as some of our previous episodes, it is a complex and well thought out project, who's content is likely more relevant to its audience.

Projects of this size are becoming more commonplace, so I asked Colleen Hamilton, Principle at Art of Context and Steven Shultz, Director of Information Technology for JAX, about some of the details involved in delivering a project like this, including engaging stakeholders, effective emergency messaging and avoiding scope-creep.

People at airports rely on data a lot, and can get very cranky when things aren't correct, so it's interesting to hear how they got it right.

I spoke with Colleen and Steven via Skype.

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