Lush Dream Lounge - Dan Hagen

April 21, 2017

 Lush 10net

This episode we feature Dan Hagen, CEO of 10net, based in Vancouver and Seattle.

10net won a Bronze Medal for their work for with cosmetic company Lush, during the Vancouver Ted Talks in 2016.

"The Dream Lounge" was a temporary installation to expose Ted Talk attendees to the Lush brand and provide a sanctuary away from the hectic pace of the show.

The highlight of the project was a hanging canopy of living greenery and moss, within which was a suspended a six foot square transparent LED screen playing ambient “Bath Art' content, which was also mirrored on a vertical LED video wall.

The project required a custom built structure that allowed rapid deployment by two people, as well as a few other nice little touches.

Dan and I grabbed a quiet(ish) corner at the back of the DSE floor to discuss the project. 

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